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I'm Selena Krivoruchko, a creative and motivated graphic designer from Seattle, WA. 

I pride myself on creating simple and elegant designs without losing any of the visual wow factors that draw you into my work.

Welcome to my portfolio website!

Client Projects

Sentinel One
EGoManiac Report

Publication Design

This was a fun unique report with Sentinel One. Working within the brand, I got to create a report and supporting graphics including a unique cover about this new threat.

Skilljar Connect 2021

Event Campaign

Every year, Skilljar has hosted a Customer Education Conference.
For 2021, they were able to
host it in person again, as a
COVID-aware event.

Connect-Logo_Title Slide.png
Tiffany LaFontaine for Local School Board 

Political Campaign

I got the opportunity to be the graphic designer for local school board candidate, Tiffany LaFontaine.

Beauty's Library Book Blog

Branding + Social Media Manager

I'm a big bookworm and at the beginning of 2020, I started a book blog as a fun way to document the books I've been reading. Since starting, my blog has grown considerably with followers so I created a simple brand and website to along with my blog.

Skilljar Connect 2020

Virtual Event Campaign

​For the past two years, Skilljar has hosted a Customer Education Conference in Seattle, WA. This year due to COVID-19, they decided to make it a virtual event.

Skilljar Education Experts

Visual Design

Skilljar wanted to create a new page on their site that featured all the education experts and leaders. This page would also showcase any and all content created with Skilljar.

Device Mockup.jpg
Skilljar Academy 

Visual Design

Skilljar wanted to redesign their education platform - Skilljar Academy. I got to collaborate with their team to help with layout and creating all the graphics for this redesign.

Skilljar Benchmark Report

Publication Design

Skilljar wanted to release a new report to showcase the data they had collected. Including the effects of COVID-19. They asked me to design the report with the given content and create assets to help the launch of the report.

Skilljar Icons


Working with Skilljar, I learned they had a limited icon set. So while staying within their brand, I created various icons to their existing library based on their current style. 


Brand Identity

Skilljar has put together an annual conference called Connect that's held in Seattle. Connect has become a successful event for Skilljar, and while they’ll continue to host the event annually, they needed to complement it with regional events that are smaller but feature some of the most effective sessions from Connect.

Usermind Illustration


Usermind wanted to have additional visual assets to go with their brand. So I created various customer illustrations for different types of collateral such as social media posts that were within their branding.

Usermind Icons


Usermind didn't have an actual icon library. They wanted something more cohesive and consistent to match their brand. So after a few weeks collaborating with them, ​I create an extensive icon library for their brand.

Display + Social Ads


Working at Amperity, I've been able to create several sets of various display and social ads. Here is a collection of some of the sets I did during my time there.

Amperity Icons


Working at Amperity, I've been able to create icons and icon sets for their library. While staying within their brand, I've added a wide range of new and unique icons to their existing library.

Studio Beverage Group


Proposed Brand Identity

Until now, SBG has had no proper branding or identity. They’ve recently decided they want a full brand identity and business cabinet to look more professional when dealing with their clients and gaining clients in the future.

Big Moon Sky

Applied Infographic

With the ever-growing cannabis industry, there are still several misunderstandings between the differences of THC and CBD. BMS wants to promote their new line of CBD products, however wants their customers to understand CBD is not THC. To show this information, create an infographic to be featured in an article discussing "What is CBD? And the benefits of CBD products." This infographic is strictly for web use. Have the infographic styled in the way that graphics can be broken up as needed for the article.

Garrett Desk.27.1.jpg
PAX Booth


Trade Show Design

After about 6 weeks and with the help of several industrial design students. I created a successful design for the PAX booth design for The Art Institute of Seattle's booth at PAX Summer 2018.

ReDress Fashion Show

Event Marketing Campaign

For the 2018 annual AiS student fashion show, I was chosen to create cohesive and intriguing branding and marketing materials.


I had the chance to work with student photographers, videographers, and fashion marketers and designers.


Proposed Projects

Tasty Creations

Proposed Magazine

Tasty Creations Magazine wants to start releasing digital and printed magazines that include creative recipes for all occasions including holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Midnight Wishes


Proposed Wine Package Design

Create a wine brand that is eye-catching in an online atmosphere. Have it be able to carry over through various varietals. While also creating an ad campaign to promote the new wine.

Mary Kay Mobile App

Proposed Interactive Project

Create an app in similar fashion to the beauty consultant app. Having this app would not only allow customers to order from their consultant’s websites, it allows customers to order from their mobile phones in a more protected way that will keep track of their past orders and notify them of new catalogs, which in turn could improve the sales of their beauty consultant.

Anheuser-Busch InBev


Proposed Annual Report 

Design an annual report to represent the beverage company, ABinBev. Showcase design elements that represent the overall objective of the company, while also keeping all the elements cohesive throughout the different sections. 

The Wild Robot

Proposed Promotional Website

Create a single scroll website for The Wild Robot with the use of the imagery from the story throughout the site. Thus promoting the book and drawing the users to wanting to learn the meaning behind the images and how they play a part within the story. The overall style of the website should give users a friendly and cute feeling that matches the book.

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